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All allegations falsified for Patrick Shin founder of Nan Inc

Nan Inc founder, Mr. Nan Chul Shin is among the most influential personalities in the USA construction domain. He is among the few individuals who established his empire by own and he’s an inspiration for many. He founded his company, Nan Inc in 1990 and it was a very humble beginning for him. But with his hard work, determination, and perseverance, he made a construction company empire that’s worth more than $450 million. His company is among the elite properties in Hawaii that are a benchmark for many.

However, when there is massive success, there are always some individuals who want to drag that hardworking person. The same thing happened with Patrick Shin and two of his previous employees imposed false allegations on him for bribing government officials.

The company had the misfortune of being falsely accused over years with some serious allegations by its previous employees. However, the government has proved all the allegations baseless and faulty.  The accusations were made that the company’s founder tried to bribe government officials to manipulate numbers to get construction deals. Proving innocence needs time but if someone is innocent, then the victory is assured.

US court rejects all allegations from Patrick Shin, founder of Nan Inc

It all started in the year 2004 when a Federal Qui Tam complaint was filed against founder Mr. Nan Shin. They imposed false allegations that the founder of the company bribed officials and presented false statements. In addition, the plaintiffs also accused some government officials of behaving inappropriately with respect to those contracts.

When the US court investigated this matter, they found nothing solid that would prove the allegations true and made the founder guilty. Following the government’s investigation, the two plaintiffs who raised allegations also dismissed the same. They not only dismissed the claims but also issued an apology letter to the open public. In the apology letter, they wrote that whatever allegations that were imposed on the founder were untrue. They are very regretful about this behavior towards the founder of Nan Inc.

Apology from the plaintiffs

The plaintiffs were the employees of the founder and they imposed this false allegation to defame his name and reputation. The public apology was made to address the fact that if anybody was hurt financially or emotionally, or otherwise, they are very regretful about that. They also wrote that they will never perform such wrongdoing in the future. They also added that if any of the government employees also got hurt due to the same, they are very regretful for their activity.

Wrapping the matter

In the end, the final verdict was in the favor of Patrick Shin, founder of Nan Inc. After this matter is legally sorted by the court, the company is planning to expand its business significantly.