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Sole Proprietorships: as a sole proprietor DBA allows you to use a business name rather than your personal name. Every state requires lawyers to pass an exam and be admitted to its bar association to practice law. The examining attorney begins the deposition and may ask the deponent a wide variety of questions.

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Everything you need to know about limited liability companies (LLCs). In a contested divorce, the issue raised by the parties is contested in court while an uncontested divorce is a mutually agreed divorce where the parties have agreed to most matters about life post-divorce. A divorce lawyer is responsible for the division of assets and debt among spouses.

Their job involves research and case preparation that may include visiting prisons, hospitals, law libraries and other venues relevant to the case they’re working on. After they’ve conducted an investigation of the factors involved in their case they determine the best strategy for court and then utilize that strategy during the trial.

If there are children involved, a divorce lawyer helps set the terms for child custody and child support. Ultimately, the experience, skills, and commitment of the particular attorney at hand—regardless of whether he or she is a public defender, panel attorney, or private lawyer—are the best indicator of the quality of the representation.

When the limited liability company entered the scene, it became extremely popular due to the simplicity of its structure, the low cost of forming one, and the fact that it incorporated many of the benefits of both business structures, while excluding many of their disadvantages.

Habeas corpus is the belief or concept that citizens of the United States should be free from the fear of being illegally detained or imprisoned. In exchange for around $30 per month on LegalZoom, you can get phone advice from attorneys on anything from contract law to trademarks.

The precedent this new law sets is alarming, according to its opponents. The concept of the judicial precedent and of ‘review by the courts’ is a key component of the British common law upon which Indian law is based. US Legal Forms offers incorporation packages and forms for forming a corporation, as well as thousands of other business forms and small business forms for all your company needs.


Any person starting a business, or currently running a business as a sole proprietor, should consider forming an LLC. On the other hand, the noun precedent is frequently used in the phrase “to set a precedent,” meaning “to set an example or rule to be followed.” The word is often used in legal contexts, where it denotes a judicial decision that should be followed by a judge when deciding a later similar case. Some lawyers spend most of their time in court, while many others rarely see a courtroom. In federal or multijurisdictional law systems, conflicts may exist between the various lower appellate courts.

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If your negotiation is more complicated, you’ll have to hire a divorce lawyer to negotiate a settlement with your spouse’s attorney. The laws are in place so it’s simpler for corporations to conduct business. It would make more sense, they say, to use the evidence (as do the courts in Great Britain , for example) and provide civil or criminal remedies against the errant police officers. A Familiar Exposition of the Constitution of the United States: Containing a brief commentary on every clause, explaining the true nature, reasons, and objects thereof. Several countries that originally had two or more legal professions have since fused or united their professions into a single type of lawyer.

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In general, most warrantless searches of private premises are prohibited under the Fourth Amendment, unless specific exception applies. Hence, the Tenth Amendment (as well as the Ninth) enunciates a rule of construction that warns against interpreting the Bill of Rights to imply the existence of powers in the national government that were not granted by the original document. The business entity can carry on all business activity and administrative functions under such name.