Fourth Amendment To The United States Constitution

The District Court found that the informant’s credibility had not been established and that the information was stale.” Therefore, the District Court held that the information upon which the warrant was based was insufficient to establish the probable cause necessary for the issuance of a search warrant.

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Questions that could not be asked of a witness in court because of doubts about their relevance or concerns about Hearsay (statements of a third party) are usually allowed in the deposition setting, because they might reasonably lead to admissible statements or evidence.

The Court made these rulings in spite of evidence that racial segregation was prevalent at the time the Fourteenth Amendment was adopted and that women were treated like second-class citizens during most of the nineteenth century. Some family law attorneys may specialize in one specific area of family law, such as divorce, child custody, or adoption.

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Searches performed without a warrant are presumptively invalid, and evidence seized during a warrantless search is suppressed unless the search was reasonable under the circumstances. These insubordinate behaviors demand an immediate and swift response. They tend plainly to show that, in the judgment of those who adopted the Constitution, there were powers created by it, neither expressly specified nor deducible from any one specified power, or ancillary to it alone, but which grew out of the aggregate of powers conferred upon the government, or out of the sovereignty instituted.

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