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Get To Know Welcome Bonus Forex And What Apps To Pick!

Since currency trading gains many attentions and thousands of visitors, it is safe that every company will try to provide the best offers. Among those long ranges of offers, one of the attractive options is the welcome bonus forex. It is a way companies try to attract new users and provide the needed benefits to dip into the trading world. But is it real?

About Welcome Forex Bonus 

What exactly is the forex bonus, and is it real? Yes, indeed it is real and some of the companies out there can offer and give some generous bonus for a newcomer. Just as the name says, the bonuses are some of the promotional offers to attract new traders. The benefits are for new users who open a new account, deposit, and start trading.

Types Of Bonuses 

  1. Deposit Bonus

While the biggest possible option to take is the welcome benefits, there are also many other ways to get extra income. Deposit bonus is one of them. With this bonus, users can receive an extra deposit for every account replenishment. If it is right, the trading volume and terms can get an exponential increase.

  1. No Deposit Bonus

Some forex trading apps go beyond welcome bonus forex. One of the interesting offers is the no deposit bonus which means new traders do not need to pay anything. The idea of no deposit is a good way to attract people that are looking for a low-risk or no-risk trading section. That is why such a bonus is preferred by entry-level traders.

  1. Welcome Bonus

When the no deposit does not need any money for the apps, the welcome bonus does. Generally, new users will need to make an account and verify the data before gaining the bonus. Each app has a different amount of bonus, which can be usable for a starting fund for trading. Some broker also allows withdrawing profit from the bonus.

  1. forex rebate

Welcome bonus forex in the form of the rebate is also started getting more popular. The bonus is in the form of a partial amount of commission and spread. Compared to many other bonuses, this one is slightly harder to get because it depends on the transaction’s success.

  1. Affiliate programs

Affiliate programs currently get a lot of attention due to their ability to give huge bonuses to users. The idea of this program bonuses is by sharing affiliation with the broker company. People that can attract and get more users joining with invites will get some percentage and deposit bonuses.

Who Will Give You The Best Bonuses? 

With the vast apps and companies on the market, it is hard to consider which one can provide the best and better welcome bonus forex. Moreover, each company will offer a different amount. But some of the best and worth mentioning companies are RoboForex, FBS, and Instaforex.

Giving a bonus as a welcome benefit is likely found in Forex trader company. Currently, you can expect a range of possible options and offers. Each of the company come with its unique offer and benefit. If you are trying and want a good start, consider these bonuses to avoid too much loss during the trading.