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IC Markets Provide The Best Low Spread Trading For Beginner To Automated Trading Lovers

The fast development and popularity increase in trading create a huge number of applications appear in the market. It generates another excuse for beginners and traders to find the best company to work with. In this case, IC markets have been in a positive review and position for a long time. So does it worth your money?

8.2 Rating And High-Ranking Position 

Yes, there are several trader companies found in the market. However, this particular company gain an 8.2 rating from the traders union and get a higher position in the ranking. But, how good is it? Considering the long experience in the trading world, established in 2007, the Australian company has broken many records and also provides ranges of benefits.

Credibility-wise, you can expect that this company has been acknowledged and licensed by authorities. The AFSL or Australian Financial services License and ASIC or Australian Securities and investment commissions are the two licenses holder of this company. For more, the brokers in the company are also licensed.

AFCA (Australian financial complaint authority) is the common broker licensing that has proven the credibility of the IC Markets. The governing body also sets standards for the company to run its financial services and trading activities. In general, the rating itself shows the quality of the company which is considered as good and beyond average.

What does It offer? 

  1. Huge Ranges Of Investment Programs

One thing that makes this company stand out is the programs. Some reviews highlight that the app offers unique programs for investment to help passive and active trading. Among many programs, the best to consider is the investment managers. It allows users to get the chance of low spread and high liquidity.

There are also affiliate programs that help participants gain more profit by attracting new customers. The more normal programs include white labels for bigger brokers companies, corporate, or clients with the large transaction. And the rebate discount programs give IC markets a lead in attracting newcomers.

  1. Lowest Commission Level

One thing that is loved by users is the low or almost no commission by the company. It means the users can gain more benefits and profit from withdrawing money and transaction. It even offers Islamic options, which are considered halal transactions. The standard account also has less commission or none. The highest one is around $3.25 which is still lower than most apps.

  1. Low Spread And Easy To Use App

The huge partnership, experience, and agreement bring a better spread on trading. It makes the low spread from 0 Pips on the company loved by users. It also leads to the company or provider pricing. In many cases, this trading company also embrace newcomers by creating convenient transaction, simple technology, the best price, and comfortable IC markets trading options.

Generally, this trading company is considered one of the best among popular options in the market. In 2022, the application has been the great leader with its liquidity, lowest commission level, low spread, and varying investment programs. Those factors help the user generate income in active or passive ways. It includes getting the inviting welcome bonus forex from the company.